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2015 07/16/2015: Central Florida Drug Trafficking Organization Members Arrested for Trafficking in Cocaine Over 400 Grams, Conspiracy to Traffic Cocaine Over 400 Grams,
9 Defendants

2015 06/17/2015: MBI arrests 16 in meth-trafficking ring

2015 05/27/2015: MBI: Owner, physician arrested for selling pills at unlicensed ‘pain clinic’

2015 02/04/2015: Winter Park Pain Clinic Owner, Doctor, and three employees arrested for Racketeering (RICO), Trafficking in Hydromorphone and Hydrocodone over 28 grams, and other Charges.

2012 03/26/12: Search Warrants served on Frank’s Place, Jalopy Joe’s, George’s Hideaway, Belle Isle Yacht Club, and Kirbside Pub for Illegal Operation or Placement of Slot Machines; Arrests

2011 01/20/11:  Mladen Antolic, M.D. Arrested for Racketeering Activity – Orlando Physician – Owner of Local Pain Management Clinic 2011:  Operation Snakeeyes; Two Arrested for Conducting Bookmaking Operation 2011:  Arrests Made and Federal Prosecution in Marijuana Distribution Organization 11/15/11:  Arrest of Manager of Winner’s Club for Illegal Gambling, Slot Machines, Lottery, and Keeping a Gambling House

2010 05/12/10: Pimp found Guilty of Sex Trafficking and Deriving Support from Prostitution 10/28/10: Orlando Physician Arrested for Trafficking in Oxycodone and Cocaine – Owner of Local Pain Management Clinic 12/13/10: Orlando Physician Arrested for Possession of Alprazolam – Owner of Local Pain Management Clinic

2009 02/19/09: Operation Miami Express; Arrests for Deriving Proceeds from Prostitution

2008 02/01/08: Local Attorney Arrested for Trafficking in Cocaine 02/27/08: Orlando Weekly Signs Settlement Agreement with SAO and MBI 04/23/08: Operation Anti-Freeze: 36 Charged in Racketeering, Gang/Narcotics related Statewide Grand Jury Indictments, and 7 Search Warrants Served 07/31/08: Insurance Fraud Arrest Warrants and Search Warrant: Lancaster Physical Therapy Center 11/07/08: Operation Got Smokes: Manager of Store in Parramore Heritage Neighborhood Arrested 11/13/08: Federal Inidictment Charges 12 More Defendants in Cocaine Conspiracy

2007 06/13/07: Operation Scallywags: Orlando Area Drug Dealers Using U.S. Mail to Smuggle Cocaine from Puerto Rico 04/09/07: Operation Snap Dragon: Central Florida Asian Massage Parlor Owner Charged with Prostitution and Racketeering 02/27/07: Multi-Agency Release: Signature Pharmacy – Illegal Steroid and Human Growth Hormone Sales 2007: Operation Family Affair: Arrests for RICO and Conspiracy to Traffic in Cocaine 2007: Operation China Doll: Massage Parlor Prostituion Ring

2006 03/17/06: Adult Entertainment Club – Club Harem Strip Club – Employees Arrested for Trafficking in Cocaine 03/17/06: Accompanying News Release for Club Harem Investigation – MBI 2006: Largest Central Florida Escort Service Charged with Racketeering & Money Laundering

2005 11/17/05: Operation Grasshopper: Asian Narcotics Distribution Organizations Shut Down 09/15/05: Operation Maximum: Central Florida Festival Promoter Arrested for Trafficking in Cocaine 07/07/05: Operation Revolution: The Red Square Bar in Downtown Orlando Searched – Bartender Arrested 05/02/05: Operation Junkyard: Mexico to Florida Cocaine Smuggling Operation Shut Down 03/04/05: Operation Pipe Dreams: Search Warrants Served on Five Businesses Selling Drug Paraphernalia

2004 11/17/04: Operation G2: Alleged Supplier of Chemicals to Produce 11 Million Dosages of GHB Arrested 11/05/04: Operation Over Exposed: Narcotics Sales Inside Cleo’s Strip Club 03/05/04: Operation G: Five GHB Labs Raided – $2 Million in GHB Seized

2003 07/10/03: Rachel’s Men’s Club Plead Guilty and to Pay $620,000 in Settlement Agreement